Science Fair 2015

Written By: Carol N - May• 04•15

The Science Fair was a big success!  Among the 130 people involved were students, science teacher, parent volunteers, administration, staff and judges. Fourteen judges from the community and local universities interviewed eighty participants from the 7th and 8th grade classes. The judges gave twenty-three awards to the students. Sixteen awarded students have been invited to participate at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations to all who participated and to the following students who received awards:

Biological Sciences Category                       Physical Sciences Category

First Place

Trenton Hoffmeyer (8B)                                     David Linkletter (8A)

Casey Brown (7B)                                              A Fowler (7A)

                                               Second Place

Declan Wetherall (8A)                                      Diego Carreras (8A)

Jason Pang (8A)                                               Igor Grabowsky (7B)

Abigail Frank (7A)

Jennifer Alvarado (7A)

                                                Third Place

Lily Schuda (8A)                                               Nick Van Dalsem (8B)

Taylor Morales  (8B)                                         Teresa Dang (7A)

Paul Habeeb (7A)                                             Sydney Fernandez (7A)

                                               Honorable Mention

Kalusha Brutlag (8A)                                          Henry Pierzak (8B)

Rosa Rivas (8B)                                                 Jaden Marquez (8B)

Caroline Amling (7B)                                          Nicholas Marheine (7B)

Cyprien Peacock (7B)

6th Grade Science Camp

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 11•15

The morning of January 20th,  6th grade students waived goodbye to their parents as they departed for a week long Outdoor Science Camp near Green Valley in the San Bernadino mountains . Students learned about ecology, botany, animals, and astronomy while enjoying the outdoors and having fun.  6th grade teachers, Mrs. Tennant and Mr. Landero accompanied the students. A tradition at OLQA School is for these campers to receive a warm homecoming from the OLQA student body and faculty – and that they did!

Catholic Schools Week 2015

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

Catholic Schools Week is a joint effort of the National Catholic Education Association, NCEA, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Over the last few years, Catholic schools across our nation have focused on making a world of difference. Together with more than 2.6 million other students across the nation, we wish to extend our appreciation to the parents, students, faculty and staff, and our parish for helping to make our school so special.

The PSA sincerely thanks Kelly Bosley & Lorie Swatsek (Co-Chairpersons of Catholic Schools Week) for all the planning and hard work that went into this week long celebration.

Sunday, Jan. 25th – OPEN HOUSE


On this day students had an out of uniform day and were greeted with a heart shaped note from their parents and a treat waiting on their desks when they arrived at school. Students enjoyed a fun filled activity with hula-hoops called      “Hoop-la”.  Thanks go to Trina Saeedi and Kristi Johnson, Enrichment Chairs, for bringing “Hoop-la” to our school. 


On this day a special presentation was made to our School Administrators and Priests at the morning assembly and a thank you letter was sent by the PSA Board on behalf of our school to our Diocesan Staff office along with a donation in their name to St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Mater Dei visited showcasing their Performing Arts Department.


On this day parents were celebrated as students decorated crosses to take home to their parents and show their appreciation.


On this day students celebrated a special person in their life. It is a tradition at OLQA to invite a “special person” to join us for Mass, celebrated by Bishop Vann,  and lunch. Each student brought a lunch for themselves and a “special person” and enjoyed it together somewhere on the school grounds. After lunch, the student and special person took a tour of their classroom.


Each morning the PSA delivered breakfast and snack items to the faculty lounge for the administration, and staff to enjoy.

On this day students brought in special THANK YOU notes, cards, and pictures to their teachers and coaches.  Teachers and staff also enjoyed a lovely lunch and were each presented with a special gift. PSA Board Members took over morning carpool duties.

Scenes from Catholic Schools Week:

Open House 2015

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

As the official kick off for Catholic Schools Week, our school Open House was held Sunday, January 25th.  All school families were invited to attend the 8:30 am Mass where students proudly wore their uniforms and 8th graders served as Ambassadors.  Immediately following Mass, coffee and donuts were served in the school Jr. High Courtyard and families were welcome to tour Open House.  Open House allows the students to show their families all the outstanding work that is being done in their classrooms as well as gives prospective families a chance to look at what our school offers.

Student Council Christmas Play

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

This year’s Student Council presented their annual Christmas Play for their fellow students on Friday, December 19th in the school hall.    The Student Council created, wrote, produced and starred in the production – it was creative, fun and heartwarming.  Christmas carols were sung by each grade after the performance sending the students off to a happy Christmas break!!!

Student Council xmas play (2)

Annual Christmas Program & Tree Lighting

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

Our all school evening Christmas program was held on Thursday, December 18th in the church.  Each class, as well as our Cantors and Jr. High Instrumental program performed.   All joined our voices together in singing O Come, All Ye Faithful as the children processed into the church.  Father Kerry led families to share in the church Tree Lighting after the performance.  It was a beautiful evening filling our church and hearts with the music of our children.

PSA Annual Christmas Luncheon

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

The PSA Annual Christmas Luncheon was held on Tuesday, December 9th in the hall. It was a joyous occasion watching our littlest Angels, Kindergarten-4th graders sing beautiful Christmas Carols while the 8th grade students served refreshments. Thank you to Mrs. Landis, Dr. Lamb, and Mrs. Hoppe for all the effort that went into those well-trained voices. Thank you to Tania Habeeb & Christie McKenna, PSA VP(s) of Programs for hosting a lovely, holiday afternoon with festive décor and delicious food, and to the countless volunteers that helped make this event special. Thank you to Mrs. Van, Mrs. Donovan, and the 8th Graders for their excellent service at the luncheon.


8th Grade Christmas Tree Lot

Written By: Carol N - Feb• 10•15

Santa’s Elves were hard at work at the 8th Grade Annual Christmas Tree Lot!!  Thank you to all the Eighth Graders who worked so hard to make it a success.  Everyone was impressed by their enthusiasm and service.  Thank you to all the parents and parishioners who supported this Washington, D.C. trip fundraiser.

OLQA Salutes our Veterans

Written By: Carol N - Nov• 25•14

On November 11th, Veteran’s Day, OLQA School hosted a moving ceremony honoring our Veterans.  Thank you to Mrs. Bosley and Mrs. Swatsek, PSA Catholic Program Chairpersons, for coordinating this very special Veteran’s Day Salute.

Students gathered in the Jr. High Courtyard to share in the presentation of the flag by student Color Guards and to listen to the stories of guest Veteran’s and honor those in attendance.  Our school was honored to have in attendance these Veterans:

First speaker:  Steven M Muldowney (father to Julia in 6th)
Second speaker: Willmington Games (father to Mia in kinder and Milan in 2nd)
Third speaker: Col. Retired Eleas Casillas (grandfather to Avery Baum – 5th grade)

Frank Gibson – grandfather to Annie (6th) and Tommy (4th) Gibson
Harold Tauss – grandfather to Bridget Flanagan (kinder)
Joe DiStanislao – grandfather to Grace (8th) and Julia (6th) Noya
John DiBello (friend of Joe DiStanislao)
Joseph Fascenelli – grandfather to Roman Brand (1st grade)
Joe Dudenhoeffer – father to Garrett Dudenhoeffer (1st grade)

Halloween Fun – Parade, Pumpkins & Poems!

Written By: Carol N - Nov• 25•14

Many thanks to Dana Strader,  PSA Room Parent Chair, Trina Saeedi & Kristi Johnson, PSA Enrichment Chairs,  and all the Room Mothers and volunteers that made this day so memorable! The school was decorated in great Halloween style; the students were dressed in costumes and enjoyed the pumpkins, poems, art, snacks and the infamous annual parade.   Our Student Council surprised the entire school with a flash mob dance to “Monster Mash”.    The memories from this day will be with our students for years to come!

OLQA Pumpkins Poems and Pageantry of Art

We would like to thank ALL of our Angels for sharing their talent and creativity with our school community on Halloween.

We would like to thank Mrs. Silvers for judging the pumpkins, Author John Archambault for judging the poetry and Artist Kay Flierl for judging the art.  We would like to honor one of our own talents: Ryan Krall for designing the 2014 Pumpkins, Poems and Pageantry of Art flier.

We are all winners and each and every participant has received a ribbon and a gift certificate to Islands Restaurant.  For all students who submitted poetry, each poem was read and autographed by John Archambault.

The following students are being recognized for their originality and achievement:

Level 1 ART 1st place: Adriana Krall, 2nd place: Mia Games, 3rd place: Betsy Larkin, Honorable Mention: Ozan Kose-Montoya, Alexa Krall, Elle Treska, Stephen Hammers, Aidan Saeedi, Lauren Frandson, Jack Klausner.

Level 1 POEM1st place: Avery Driscoll, 2nd place: Giovanna Julian, 3rd place: Milan Games, Honorable Mention: Maddox Johnson

Level 1 PUMPKIN 1st place: Edyn Rodi, 2nd place: Ryan Hopkins, 3rd Place: James Jadid Kashi. Honorable Mention: Molly Nielsen, Special Achievement: Joseph McClendon, Amber Clark, Tieghan Cunningham, Garrett Dudenhoeffer

Level 2 ART 1st place: Sydney Paidosh, 2nd place: Dylan Sprague, 3rd place: Katie Lowe, Honorable Mention: Leah Smith, Special Achievement: Ava Hunt, Lexi Previti, Paige LeVecke, Ireland MacDonald, Yogi Vo

Level 2 POEMS 1st place: Haydn Caughren, 2nd place: Claire Delaney, 3rd place: Ian Saeedi, Honorable Mention: Gabriella Britt


1st place: Mikhail Polny, 2nd place: Quinn Bosley, 3rd place:  Holly Hopkins, Honorable Mention: Harper Butcher

Level 3 ART 1st place: Caroline Amling, 2nd place: Analiese Bancroft, 3rd place: Maddie Jervis, Honorable Mention: Imani Brutlag, Cloe Hughes

Level 3 POEMS 1st place: Hannah Jervis, 2nd place: Noah Mangosing, 3rd place: Aaron Saeedi, Honorable Mention: Jayd Sprague

Level 3 PUMPKINS 1st place:  Stella Pozzuoli, 2nd place:  Ryan Krall, 3rd place: Faith McGrath, Honorable Mention: Sebastien Polny

Overall Most Original Pumpkins: 1st place: Brooke Awad, 2nd place: David Linkletter, 3rd place: Nicholas Hinker

Overall Most Creative: Kate Slagle