Hoop Dreams Come True!

Written By: Feng V - Mar• 09•16

Congratulations to the OLQA girls and boys basketball teams for a fantastic season!

Huge thanks to our tremendous coaches for their dedication, time and effort given to our student-athletes.




Academic Decathalon

Written By: Feng V - Mar• 09•16

Congratulations to our Academic Decathalon Team!

Our Academic Decathlon Team competed on Saturday, March 5th at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Our decathletes took Third Place in the Logic Team Event. Kristen Pang received a Third Place Medal for English. Caroline Ashworth received a Second Place Medal for Fine Arts. The entire school community is tremendously proud of our decathletes and wants to thank them for representing our school. Their long hours of study were evident at the competition. OLQA School would like to thank all the coaches who worked with our decathletes. Thank you to our team mom, Mrs. Morales.

Academic Decathalon


Science Fair

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 22•16

The 2016 Science Fair was a great success!

More than 130 people were involved in the annual fair, held on February 3rd, and which included students, teachers, parent volunteers, administration, staff and judges. Fourteen judges from the community and local universities interviewed eighty participants from the 7th and 8th grade classes. The judges gave 26 awards to the students. Eighteen awarded students have been invited to participate at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair.  We are so proud of our students who participated as their efforts were outstanding.

The awarded students are as follows:

Biological Sciences Category

First Place:  Ashlee Morales (7B), Kristen Pang (7B), Teresa Dang (8A)

Second Place:  Alice Pancake (7B), Kate Struthers (7A), Caroline Amling (8A)

Third Place Imani Brutlag (7A), Jennifer Alvarado (8B), Abigail Frank (8B)

Honorable Mention:  Luke McKenna (7A), Caroline Ashworth (8A), Heidi Klinger (8A), Chloe Cavileer (8A)


Physical Sciences Category

First Place:  Lauren Shepherd (7A) Igor Grabowsky (8A)  Annabelle Fowler (8B)

Second Place:  Hannah Jervis (7A), Avery Lallande (8B),

Third Place:  Abby Hampton (7B),  Lauren Smith (7A), Olivia Hempstead (7A), Casey Brown (8B)

Honorable Mention:   Julia Muldowney (7B), Julia Noya (7B),  Nelson Wilkins (7B), Ella Musselman (8B),  Shaye Stevens (8B)

Catholic School’s Week – Special Person’s Day & Gizmo Guys!

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 22•16

Special Person’s Day

As part of Catholic Schools Week, Special Person’s Day is when students celebrate a special person in their life. It is a tradition at OLQA to invite a “special person” to join us for Mass and lunch. Each student brought a lunch for themselves and a “special person” and enjoyed it together somewhere on the school grounds. After lunch, the student and special person took a tour of their classroom.  Later that day, students enjoyed a performance from the amazing juggling duo, Gizmo Guys!


Gizmo Guys – Object in Motion

Performing as the Gizmo Guys, Allan Jacobs and Barrett Felker have amazed and amused audiences around the world.  Sure, they’ve made numerous television appearances, won international juggling competitions, and taught at top circus schools.  But what makes their act so appealing is their uniquely winning combination of dazzling technique and infectious humor.  The performance contains elements which link juggling, math and science.  Other obvious links with curriculum include theater, physical education, music and teamwork/cooperation.  The Gizmo Guys’ rapid-fire act exhilarates and inspires sidesplitting laughter in audience members of all ages.

Catholic Schools Week 2016

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 22•16

Catholic Schools Week is a joint effort of the National Catholic Education Association, NCEA, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Over the last few years, Catholic schools across our nation have focused on making a world of difference. Together with more than 2.6 million other students across the nation, we wish to extend our appreciation to the parents, students, faculty and staff, and our parish for helping to make our school so special.

The PSA sincerely thanks Keri O’Melveny and Amy Ivey (Co-Chairpersons of Catholic Schools Week) for all the planning and hard work that went into this week long celebration.

Sunday, Jan. 31st – OPEN HOUSE


On this day students had an out of uniform day and were greeted with a heart shaped note from their parents and a treat waiting on their desks when they arrived at school. Students enjoyed a fun filled activity with hula-hoops called      “Hoop-la”.  Thanks go to Trina Saeedi and Kristi Johnson, Enrichment Chairs, for bringing “Hoop-la” to our school. 


On this day a special presentation was made to our School Administrators and Priests at the morning assembly and a thank you letter was sent by the PSA Board on behalf of our school to our Diocesan Staff office along with a donation in their name to St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Mater Dei visited showcasing their Performing Arts Department.


On this day parents were celebrated as students decorated crosses to take home to their parents and show their appreciation.


On this day students celebrated a special person in their life. It is a tradition at OLQA to invite a “special person” to join us for Mass and lunch. Each student brought a lunch for themselves and a “special person” and enjoyed it together somewhere on the school grounds. After lunch, the student and special person took a tour of their classroom.  Later that day, students enjoyed a performance from the amazing juggling duo, Gizmo Guys!



Each morning the PSA delivered breakfast and snack items to the faculty lounge for the administration, and staff to enjoy.

On this day students brought in special THANK YOU notes, cards, and pictures to their teachers and coaches.  Teachers and staff also enjoyed a lovely lunch and were each presented with a special gift. PSA Board Members took over morning carpool duties.











Children’s Auction Fun

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 05•16
Our enthusiastic students helped with the auction excitement by participating in a special “Children’s Auction” at school on the Thursday before the big event.  Our wonderful volunteer committee organized 47 different raffle items.  Each student was given 10 free tickets to take a chance on the items of their choice.  The energy was contagious!


Auction Puppies Meet Their New Families!

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 04•16

The live auction featured two adorable puppies looking for their forever families!  The precious Maltipoo was adopted by the Nguyen family and the beautiful black labrador was on his way to surprise the children in the Burns family.  What lucky pups!

OLQA School Auction a Success!

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 03•16

Auction Logo






The OLQA School Auction, “Trailblazing….Forging a path for our children’s future”, was a grand success and an evening to be remembered by all!   Our 2016 Auction Co-Chairs,  Leslie Boyd & Dana Strader, did an outstanding job spearheading the event and the effort from the team of tireless volunteers was tremendous.  Many thanks also goes to the entire Trailblazing team, the underwriters, donors,  faculty, staff & administration, and all of the volunteers and guests who supported this event.  It could not have been done without you!  Our students and our school will benefit significantly.  

5th Grade Walks Through the American Revolution

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 03•16

Our 5th grade students participated in the much anticipated Walk Through The American Revolution interactive learning event.  Each student portrayed a historic character from this time in our country’s history.

Open House 2016

Written By: Feng V - Feb• 03•16

As the official kick off for Catholic Schools Week, our school Open House was held Sunday, January 30th.  All school families were invited to attend the 8:30 am Mass where students proudly wore their uniforms and 8th graders served as Ambassadors.  Immediately following Mass, coffee and donuts were served in the school Jr. High Courtyard and families were welcome to tour Open House.  Open House allows the students to show their families all the outstanding work that is being done in their classrooms as well as gives prospective families a chance to look at what our school offers.