Eighth Grade Service Project Luncheon

On March 18th, our Eighth Grade class hosted a luncheon for our senior friends at OLQA. During the past year these Eighth Grade students wrote letters to these senior friends, and crafted beautiful finger rosaries as luncheon favors. The students also baked apple pies and Irish soda bread, and made potato soup for their guests. The most impressive part of all was how gracefully our students interacted with their guests. The Catholic Identity of Our Lady Queen of Angels School was clearly evident for all to see, feel, and enjoy!

Thank you to our Eighth Grade Room Mothers, Mrs. Selva, Mrs. Luna, Mrs. Frank, and Mrs. Garcia for all the organizing that went into this event and to the Eighth Grade mothers who helped serve the delicious lunch. Your children reflect your kindness and support.

Orange County Science and Engineering Fair

OLQA’s 7th and 8th Grade students participated at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair on March 18-20th and received seven awards for their science projects.Great work students!

8th Grade:

McCallister Selva, Pharmacology Category - Special Award from the American Academy of Audiology

Alexa Bonanno, Pharmacology Category - Special Award from the American Academy of Audiology

7th Grade:

John Shepherd

  1. First Place in the Chemistry Category
  2. Nominated to participate at the Broadcom Masters National Science Fair
  3. Nominated to participate at the California State Fair
  4. Special Award from the Office of Naval Research

Kendall Dewey, Zoology Category -Honorable Mention Award

Nicole Fenton, Zoology Category - Honorable Mention Award

Hailee Andry, Zoology Category - Honorable Mention Award



Green and Jeans for St. Patrick’s Day

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a day of contests and green treats! It was an exciting day with fun balloons, decorations, lively music, and our very own leprechaun, Coach K welcoming students as they drove up to school in the morning. Thank you to our room moms and volunteers who served frozen green yogurt. A big thank you to Mrs. Rodi and Mrs. James, Room Parent Coordinators for making this day possible and fun for our students!

Scenes from that day — look at all those green teeth!

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday morning the students come together to listen, watch, pray, and think about Jesus and His love for all of us. This day is a wonderful tradition at OLQA as we spend this last morning before the Easter Holiday with a children’s retreat to conclude the Lenten Season.

The day begins with a prayer service at church led by our Eighth Graders as well as a performance of Jesus of Nazareth by a professional acting company.  The students rotate from the church, to their classrooms, to the Junior High Courtyard, and to the blacktop. Students created a beaded bracelet that depicts the story of Jesus. The Seventh Graders depicted the “Agony in The Garden” in their Junior High Courtyard and the Sixth Graders led the living rosary on the blacktop. Father Kerry concluded the retreat when he talked about the Resurrection and glory of Easter Sunday.


African Child Association Bake Sale

Congratulations to OLQA students that helped raised $185.45 for the African Child Foundation by supporting a bake sale. All proceeds when to Father Henry’s school in Kenya. This first fundraising effort in support of the foundation came about through the inspiration of one of our students, Megan McGhee who asked Ms. Ryan if she could start this club and raise funds. Job well-done Miss McGhee for having compassion and exhibiting leadership. For more information about the African Child Foundation or to donate go to www.acfamerica.org.

Below is a note from Miss McGhee:

I was inspired to start the African Child Association one day when I saw my mother going through some mail from the African Child Foundation.  I asked her what the club did, and she explained that it raised money for an orphanage and school run by Father Henry in Kenya.  I thought I could  help. I decided to start the African Child Association at Our Lady Queen of Angels to raise money for  Father Henry’s kids.  The first fundraiser we had took a while to get off the ground, but it was a big success.  Along with the other Club members, we decided to have a bake sale.  I was worried on the day of the bake sale that not enough kids would come, but it turned out to be just the opposite.  We had so many kids we could barely keep up.  We were able to raise, $185.00 for Father Henry’s kids.  We are now planning our next event.   I hope that when I graduate this year, the club will continue at OLQA.


Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday Family Night

On Tuesday night, February 12th OLQA School celebrated Fat Tuesday. Those who attended indulged with an IN N OUT dinner and Full Spectrum Educational Services was on-site with telescopes to observe the stars and planets in the heavens above. Thank to all that attended and made this a fun family night together!!

Thank you to PSA Enrichment Co-Chairpersons, Mrs. Awad and Mrs. McKenna who made all the arrangements for this fabulous night and Mrs. Levis and Mrs. Alvarado, our Hospitality Co-Chairpersons for organizing the pre-Lenten dinner.  Thank you to all that volunteered!


Daughters of the American Revolution

THE  DAUGHTERS  OF THE  AMERICAN  REVOLUTION (DAR) - Congratulations to our OLQA students!


Four winners from Our Lady Queen of Angels School are chapter winners for their grade levels. Lauren McGrath’s essay won Fifth Grade – second place, Donica Garcia’s essay won Eighth Grade – third place, Taylor Morales won Sixth Grade – first place, and Caroline Amling won Fifth Grade – first place.  The first place essays were submitted to the DAR District Contest and Caroline Amling placed first in District XII! It has been submitted to further competition at the DAR state level. Congratulations students!


Each year The Daughters of the American Revolution ask OLQA to nominate two Fifth Graders who have demonstrated excellence in Social Studies this year. The two overall Social Studies winners are Zakary Karpa and Casey Brown.


Our Junior High award winners for Citizenship are as follows: Ryan Burgoyne, Madeline Frank, Christian Polny, and Kendall Dewey.

OLQA Science Fair 2013

OLQA Science Fair 2013 

Biological Sciences

First Place Winners

Candace Callahan – 8th

Kendall Dewey, Nicole Fenton, Hailee Andry, and Jaime Alonso – 7th 

Second Place Winners

Nicholas Mullhofer, Angelo Ursini and Nicholas Ursini – 8th

Lauren Openshaw  and Adriana Montano – 7th

Third Place Winner 

Chloe Henson, Donica Garcia, Cameryn Albano, Caroline O’Brien – 8th

Olivia Vir – 7th

Honorable Mention

Katarina Compean – 8th

Christina Habeeb, Daniella Daboub, and Hannah Hopkins – 7th 

Physical Sciences 

First Place Winners

McCallister Selva, Alexa Bonnano, and Madeline Frank – 8th

Parker Cohn, Charlie McKenna – 7th

Second Place Winners

Chase McGrath, Marcus Lucescu and Sean Dahl – 8th

Jack Klingler, Nate Neglia and John Shepherd – 7th

Third Place Winners

Sam Gold, Karac Tindle, and Caroline Prado – 8th

Elizabeth Nguyen – 7th

Honorable Mention

Graham McGee, Megan McGhee, James Steelberg, Joaquin Luna, Ryan Burgoyne, Chandler Fanticola and Fady Wassef – 8th

Grace Snider, Ava Wagner, and Dane Newton – 7th

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is nearing its 30 year debut! It is a joint effort of the National Catholic Education Association, NCEA, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Over the last few years, Catholic schools across our nation have focused on making a world of difference. Together with more than 2.6 million other students across the nation, we wish to extend our appreciation to the parents, students, faculty and staff, and our parish for helping to make our school so special.

The PSA sincerely thanks Heather Ferrero and Leslie Van Dalsem (Co-Chairpersons of Catholic Schools Week) for all the planning and hard work that went into this weeklong celebration.


On this day students had an out of uniform day and were greeted with a heart shaped note from their parents and a treat waiting on their desks when they arrived at school. Later that afternoon our JV and Varsity Student Basketball teams put on demonstration games.


On this day a special presentation was made to our School Administrators and Priests at the morning assembly and a thank you letter was sent by the PSA Board on behalf of our school to our Diocesan Staff office along with a donation in their name to St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Mater Dei visited showcasing their Performing Arts Department.


On this day parents were celebrated throughout the day and visited the students classrooms at Open House. Open House allows the students to show their families all the outstanding work that is being done in their classrooms. As well as gives prospective families a chance to look at what our school offers.

DAY 4 Thursday (Jan. 31st) – SPECIAL PERSON’S DAY

On this day students celebrated a special person in their life. It is a tradition at OLQA to invite a “special person” to join us for Mass and lunch. Each student brought a lunch for themselves and a “special person” and enjoyed it together somewhere on the school grounds. After lunch, the student and special person took a tour of their classroom.


Each morning the PSA delivered breakfast and snack items to the faculty lounge for the administration, and staff to enjoy.

On this day students brought in special THANK YOU notes, cards, and pictures to their teachers and coaches.  Teachers and staff also enjoyed a lovely lunch and were each presented with a special gift.

Scenes from Catholic Schools Week


Annual Talent Show Photos

What a day of talent…

Great job to the OLQA students that participated! And a big thank you to all that volunteered making this day possible.