Father-Son Angels Game

Written By: Feng V - Jun• 06•17

What better father/son bonding time than a Saturday night game at the Angels Stadium?  A group of OLQA fathers and their sons recently cheered on the Angels while enjoying the company of their friends.  A highlight of the night was when the Angels player Albert Pujols reached his 600th homerun with a Grand Slam!  Some of our boys even received “big league” sunflower seeds from the friendly Angels relief pitchers.  What a fun night!

Thank you to our PSA President, Jen Awad, for organizing this and other fantastic family events throughout this school year!

May Crowning

Written By: Feng V - May• 31•17

May Crowning is the special devotion in the month of May honoring Virgin Mary as the “Queen of May.”  At OLQA, it also is the time we celebrate the second grade first communicants.  This year’s May Crowning was presided by Fr. Brandon.  Students brought in beautiful flowers to adorn Virgin Mary.  Thank you Mrs. Carlberg and Mrs. Swanson for all you do to prepare our second graders for their First Communion!

Fourth Grade Walk Through California

Written By: Feng V - May• 31•17

In fourth grade social studies, the students spend the year learning about the history of our great state of California.  Each year, the school puts on an interactive presentation that delineates this progress.  Students are dressed in costumes that symbolize different time periods and aspects of the California history, such as, native Indians, Spanish conquistadors, miners, missionaries, farmers and governors, to name a few.

The presentation engages the students by requiring them to define terms and answer questions to earn points for their teams.  Students are rewarded extra bonus when they “strike gold” and shout out “Eureka!”  Two hours of presentation flew by.  All of our students demonstrated their knowledge in California history and had so much fun while doing so!

The Great Book Exchange

Written By: Feng V - May• 27•17

Our school held a great book exchange recently.  Every child was asked to donate at least two books that they have outgrown, but we spotted many families bringing in bags and baskets of books!  Books were then organized by their AR levels and displayed for students to choose from.  One child’s “trash” is another’s treasure!  Students were thrilled and had so much fun picking out their favorite books.  All the remaining books were donated to a Catholic school in need in Nevada.

Thank you to Amy Chung and Kristi Johnson for your efforts in organizing this event, and the many hours you put in to sort through and arrange the books!

Mayor Muldoon Visits OLQA Second Grade

Written By: Feng V - May• 18•17

Our second graders have been learning about civics and government this year.  To help them put all the classroom knowledge in real-life perspective, Mrs. Swanson invited Newport Beach’s Mayor Muldoon for a visit with all the second grade students.

The mayor shared with the children his personal stories, things in his life that inspired him to be a public servant.  He also engaged in a very active discussion with the students by answering questions such as the highlights and the most challenging part of his job.

Thank you Mayor for being a great role model for our children, and the inspiration for them to grow up to be good citizens!

Mother-Son Bowling

Written By: Feng V - May• 17•17

Many of the OLQA mothers and their sons enjoyed a special bonding time at Irvine Lanes at our first Mother/Son Bowling outing.  Who knew we had such talent among us?  We think a re-match is due soon!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Written By: Feng V - Apr• 24•17

The OLQA School celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a special mass in the morning presided by Father Kerry.  Green-dressing students and faculty then enjoyed windpipe performance and music chair competition.  The Cocchi family generously donated delicious gelato for all to enjoy – what a treat!  Thank you to PSA Spirit Chair Jenny Bartz for planning and organizing this magical day of celebration!

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2017 Spirit Run

Written By: Feng V - Apr• 24•17

For the very first time, OLQA School participated in the Newport-Mesa Spirit Run.  Enthusiastic students and their families showed up bright and early in the morning and participated in various races and the family/pet 5k walks.  They also got to enjoy the many free recreational activities afterwards.  A portion of the registration fees went to benefit our school.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We looked forward to seeing you there again next year!

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Second Grade Retreat

Written By: Feng V - Apr• 24•17

On March 15th, our second graders embarked on a field trip to the Sacred Heart Retreat Center.  The sisters at the center explained the vocation of serving God to the children and shared their life stories in doing so.  They enjoyed some outdoor time playing sports and worked on arts & crafts together.  Thank you to Father Brandon for saying the mass.  It was a beautiful day and a special 1FullSizeRender FullSizeRender IMG_3240 IMG_3265 IMG_3270 IMG_3275 IMG_3286 IMG_3317 IMG_3321 IMG_3333experience!


Academic Decathalon

Written By: Feng V - Mar• 24•17

This year’s event was held at Santa Margarita High School on Saturday, March 4.  The OLQA team was received a special blessing from Father Kerry before the competition.  Thank you to all that represented our school, and congratulations to winners in the individual subjects: Kate Stagman (Literature) , Lexie Previti (Current Events) , Ryan Joshi (Math), and Kristen Pang (English).  We are all so proud of you!

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