Fourth Grade Retreat

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

On October 11, our fourth grade students spent a day at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Santa Ana to learn about the vocation of serving God.  They heard the Sisters’ personal stories of finding and responding to God’s call.  Father Brandon gave a service during which he shared his own journey of coming to serve God.  Students also played sports with the Sisters and participated in arts & crafts activities.  It was a beautiful experience enjoyed by all.

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Fall Harvest Luncheon for Teachers and Staff

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

Each month, the PSA organizes an appreciation luncheon for our wonderful OLQA teachers and staff.  This effort is led by its hospitality chairs Valerie Clark and Lisa Marie Costa.  The October luncheon had a fall harvest theme, with the room set up in beautiful fall decor.  All 2nd grade families helped in shopping for food, making personalized treats and serving the lunch.  This is just one way to show our sincere appreciation for all the hard work by our devoted teachers and staff!


Red Ribbon Week

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

The Red Ribbon Week was from October 24 to October 28:

Monday: I Pledge to Be Drug Free.

Tuesday: Hats Off to A Drug Free School.  Students were encouraged to wear a hat to school.

Wednesday: Team Up Against Drugs.  Students wore their favorite team jerseys over the school uniform.

Thursday: Crazy Glasses, to help the student see their way to a drug free day.

Friday: Crazy Hair Day.  Students (and parents!) were creative and rocked out different hair styles to cap off the Red Ribbon Week.

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Skate Party & Great Wolf Lodge Social

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

Families took advantage of the two minimum days in October to have some fun outside of the school!  Over 140 students and parents joined a skate party at the Fountain Valley Skate Center earlier in the month.  Another gathering was at Great Wolf Lodge where over 70 OLQA students indulged themselves in overnight water park fun.  Special thanks go to Jen Awad for planning both events for families to enjoy some bonding time.  A great time was had by all!

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Halloween Celebration

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

A great, fun celebration took place at the OLQA School on Halloween.  PSA Enrichment Chairs Amy Chung, Vivian Schroeder and School Spirit Chair, Jenny Bartz, along with many other volunteers worked long hours to ensure it was a fun and safe day for all.

Balloons and blow-up stations were placed around the school to create a stage for the morning costume parade and competition.  Decorated pumpkins, as well as art and poetry created by students, were on display.  Each student who had submitted an entry was rewarded with a certificate and a gift card.  In the afternoon, students also were treated to shaved ice!

Thank you again to all who made this a wonderful and memorable day!

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Parents’ Night Out

Written By: Feng V - Nov• 07•16

One of the focuses of the PSA board for this school year is community building.  As part of that effort, School Spirit Chair Jenny Bartz spearheaded two fun events: a moms’ night out at Cucina Enoteca and a dads’ night out at Stag’s Bar.  Moms/Dads enjoyed scrumptious food while reconnecting with fellow OLQA parents.  An added bonus was that Stag’s Bar contributed a portion of the proceeds from the event back to the OLQA School!

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Save the Date for the Harvest Celebration

Written By: Feng V - Oct• 02•16

In lieu of the annual auction, the PSA is hosting a community building celebration co-chaired by Amy Denoon, Amy Macedo and Amy Williams.  The event features an open bar, heavy appetizers, live auction, fundraising games, DJ, live music, dance and more.   Hope to see you there!


Celebrating Our Blessed Mary’s Birthday

Written By: Feng V - Oct• 02•16

Our school community celebrated the birthday of Our Blessed Mary on Thursday, September 8th.  Students started the day with a beautiful mass in Mary’s honor.  PSA Catholic Programs Chairs, Keri O’Melveny and Amy Ivey, arranged the flowers brought by students into bouquets to adorn her.

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New Students and New Parents

Written By: Feng V - Oct• 02•16

On September 15th, the Student Council hosted a new student luncheon in the Parish Hall.  New students got to meet each other, eat lunch and enjoy a treat together.  The kindergarten students each received a goodie bag courtesy of the Student Council.

The PSA Board hosted a reception at the Rectory where the OLQA priests generously opened up their home to all the new parents.  Special thanks go to Kristi Johnson and Jenni Krogh, PSA Membership Coordinators, for planning a fun and intimate evening.  It was a great opportunity for the new parents to become acquainted to different facets of with our school.  We welcome you to our school community!

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

Written By: Feng V - Oct• 02•16

A warm welcome to all the OLQA students and their families to the 2016-2017 school year, with new teachers, new learning programs and a brand new Carson Field!

The PSA has many school spirit and family events planned for the year: the Harvest Celebration, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Kickball, Mass and Movie, Jog-a-thon, to name a few.  Stay tuned for more information on these events!

This year, the PSA also will be focusing on showing our appreciation to our teachers.  Monthly appreciation luncheons and holiday/birthday celebrations will take place throughout the year.


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